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Lleida (Spain) offers four game reserves and a further four zones of controlled hunting that will satisfy even the most expert hunters. In these reserves it is possible to find such treasured species as as partridge, wild boar, red-legged partridge, rabbit, duck and thrush.
To participate in this sport it is necessary to be fully acquainted with the laws governing hunting in Catalonia (Spain) and the rules and internal regulations of the local hunting clubs. Possession of a hunting permit is a prerequisite for hunting anywhere in Catalonia (Spain). These certificates are issued to individual users and are non-transferable. They can be obtained on payment of a fee which is subsequently reinvested in the management, conservation, repopulation and control of hunting and habitats. There are various different types of permit:

  • Hunting with fire arms
  • Hunting without fire arms

The permits are issued at regional offices and at the Delegacions Territorials (Territorial Delegations) of the Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia i Pesca (Department of Agriculture, Livestock breeding and Fisheries), at the Delegacions Territorials (Territorial Delegations) of the Departament de Medi Ambient (Department of the Natural Environment), and at regional offices of the Federació Catalana de Caça in Lleida (Catalan Hunting Federation).

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Those interested can also obtain further information from the following organisations:

Delegació Territorial de Medi Ambient (Territorial Delegation for the Natural Environment)
Rda. de Sant Martí, 2-6
25006 LLEIDA (Segrià)
Tel: 973 28 39 30
Fax: 973 28 20 39

Delegació Territorial del Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia i Pesca (Territorial Delegation for Agriculture, Livestock breeding and Fisheries)
Camp de Mart, 35
25004 LLEIDA (Segrià)
Tel: 973 24 66 50
Fax: 973 24 89 29; 973 23 90 64

Federació Territorial de Caça de Lleida (Lleida branch of the Territorial Hunting Federation)
Ramon Soldevila, 7 altell
25002 LLEIDA
Telèfon: 973 27 93 44
Fax: 973 27 91 17

Information provided by:

The Departament de Medi Ambient i Habitatge of the Generalitat de Catalunya