Physical exercise helps to keep us healthy!

Breaking with our daily routine to enjoy any kind of physical exercise in an incomparable natural setting makes us feel good and helps us to relax. Getting some healthy exercise in the natural settings of the Lands of Lleida will give you tranquillity and inner peace:

Nording walking:

This is a sport that is appropriate for people of all types and ages. It is good for the young and old, for sportsmen looking to improve their cardiovascular cycle, for people looking for an active form of relaxation, and for people recovering from injuries. It is a different type of sport and a very healthy one!

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A sport that helps us to combat stress, to relax and to reduce our anxiety. It also helps improve our cardiac rhythm and normalise our blood pressure, as well as promoting interpersonal relations and helping to prevent or stem the development of depression. Golf is therefore good for the health!

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Improve your blood circulation and tone up your muscles. Increase your lung capacity and reduce both the calcification of your bones and your blood pressure. A true source of health!

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Trekking offers us numerous benefits, which include increasing our energy levels, reducing the risk of heart attacks and lowering our levels of cholesterol. Other advantages are improving the condition of our cardiovascular system, building up our resistance and promoting a general sensation of health and wellbeing. Sport is good for your health!

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Nordic skiing:

esqui de fons
This is a sport that people are recommended to enjoy on a regular basis as it helps skiers to exercise a large number of muscles at the same time. It is, however, recommendable to be constant with this sport and to do it for at least an hour at a time. Do you feel like trying it?

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