La Dieta dels 5 sentits

The Mediterranean diet, which is often associated with the regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea, is considered one of the healthiest and most complete that there is, due to the benefits offered by its main foodstuff components. Although the comarques (local districts) of Lleida, are not located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, they produce an important number of high-quality autochthonous food products that form part of the Mediterranean diet. The goodness of many of the products that form part of the Mediterranean diet is, in fact, cultured and processed in the Lands of Lleida. The virtues and beneficial properties that many of these products offer for human health have been clearly demonstrated by scientific and medical research: they can help to prevent cardiovascular complaints, cancer and many other pathologies.



  • Eat slowly, savouring the different textures offered by this food (slow food).
  • Consume virgin olive oil, fruit and greens, preferably while they are still fresh and/or in season. Meat, fish and dairy products also form part of the Mediterranean diet, which must also include cereals. Eat a little of everything, but in moderation, always bearing in mind the products that are currently in season.
  • Drink two litres of water a day.
  • Get some exercise every day (walk, ride a bicycle...or do some other sports)

Olive oil





Dried fruits


Aromas and
medicinal plants

Milk and
its by-products