The gastronomic pleasures of the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida!

The basic defining characteristics of Lleida’s cuisine are its natural and traditional character and its excellent flavour. The famous cuisine of Lleida offers a wide variety of products and a series of highly varied culinary characteristics which vary according to whether the dishes in question are typical of the Pyrenees, the Pre-Pyrenees, or the Lleida Plain.

A good cuisine is based on having good quality ingredients and if there is anything that characterises the gastronomy of the Lands of Lleida it is the great diversity and wealth of its products. The ability to take advantage of the raw materials provided by the local territory has enabled Lleida’s gastronomy to establish itself as an obligatory point of reference for lovers of good food and haute cuisine.

  • The DO Les Garrigues Olive Oil, which is considered to rank amongst the best olive oils in the world, gives extra flavour to the best dishes of the Mediterranean diet.

  • The excellence of the DO Costers del Segre wines has been recognised by the most demanding of palates and offers interesting opportunities for wine tourism.

  • The unique quality of the locally grown sweet fruit (apples, pears and peaches) has lead to it being exported all over the world.

  • Truly unique products including: the almond nougat of Agramunt, the DO cheese and butter of L’Alt Urgell and La Cerdanya, the honey of La Noguera, and the caviar of Les. These have all been recognised as geographically unique products and are well-known and appreciated throughout Catalonia.

  • Mushroom pickers will find in the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees a paradise where they can fill their baskets.

In addition to the gastronomic wealth of these lands, it is also important to underline the organisation of many and varied types of gastronomic event, including exhibitions, fairs and talks. So, welcome to the section dedicated to gourmets!