Accommodation available in the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida; more and better!

To the natural, cultural, heritage and sporting attractions available in the comarques (local districts) of Lleida, it is also necessary to add the very complete range of accommodation. So, if you want to discover the charm of the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida in the most comfortable way possible, just opt for the comfort and quality offered by the more than 400 hotel establishments in the local territory. Another accommodation option in the Lands of Lleida, which offers direct contact with nature, is camping; there are more than sixty different camp sites in the territory. And then there isl rural tourism, where visitors can enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and take advantage of being in contact with unspoilt natural settings and enjoy an authentically rural atmosphere.

Then again, don’t forget the possibility of renting a tourist apartment, where you could share a wide range of installations designed for young people with your children. Alternatively, you could even spend a night at one of the other unique establishments to be found in the territory, such as at one of the mountain shelters or youth hostels.

Just choose the type of accommodation that best meets your leisure preferences!