This is a tool that we offer to help you to plan your own routes. You can use it to organise your establish your own travel diary. If you have not previously registered, we recommend you to do so; you can then plan and save your travel diaries.

Remember that you can add information to the planner from any other page providing information about tourist resources in the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida using the “Add to Planner” tab. 

How to add points to my itinerary?

The web page is organised into files called “Tourist Resources”. Each information file contains a tab labelled "Add to planner". Once you have browsed the internet and selected the information required to create your itinerary, you will find all the points that you have selected in this section.

Managing your diary

Once you have added all of the points that you would like to visit, you can organise the order of your visits as follows:

  • The diary includes 3 buttons that allow you to move activities upwards and downwards and/or to eliminate them. It is also possible to press the red "x", which you will find at the top of each page, to eliminate a whole day and all of its activities.
  • You can also add new diaries from the “Add a new diary” panel, by filling in the name space and pressing the "Add diary" link. On the "My diaries" panel, you will see a list of the diaries that you have previously created and saved. The names of these diaries are links and if you press them, you will see how the diaries under them "Diary details" fill with information about the different itineraries.
  • If you would like to generate a map with a route to follow, press “See map of the day" and a map will open showing the route that you have planned. Then do the same for the rest of the days.