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Enjoy water sports in Lleida and the Lleida Pyrenees!

water sport

Sport and adventure, unique experiences in the waters of Lleida and the Lleida Pyrenees!

Visitors can enjoy the rivers of the Lleida Pyrenees (Spain) in inflatable boats that whirl round as they struggle against strong currents and mini-whirlpools. There are a great number of rivers and lakes where visitors can go canoeing. Enthusiasts are attracted to the region from all over the world and according to their preferences they can either paddle their canoes on the calm waters of Lleida's lakes and reservoirs or battle their way through the white waters of its roaring rivers. It is all a question of taste.

Lleida is one of the leading regions in Spain for adventure sports: Experienced companies offer the latest technology and equipment, and skilled instructors can introduce visitors to a variety of activities including river canoeing, lake canoeing, kayak, hydrospeed, bungee jumping, canyoning and climbing. There are just so many ways in which visitors can enjoy the waters of Lleida.

The waters of the rivers and reservoirs of Lleida offer visitors a wide range of possibilities:

Wild waters

  • Rafting
  • Bus-bob
  • Hydro-speed
  • Kayak-Canoeing
  • Inflatable canoes
  • Canyoning
calm waters

Calm waters

  • Canoeing
  • Snow-scooters
  • Diving
  • Water-skiing
  • Sailing
  • Windsurfing