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El vi
Consumed in moderation, wine is considered a foodstuff that provides valuable nutrition; its best known properties include its role as a digestive, with it being particularly recommended to accompany the consumption of meat and fish. White wines have diuretic properties and are good for the kidneys, ensuring the elimination of toxins. Wine also aids with remineralization due to its calcium, potassium, magnesium and silicon. It is also a good bactericide, has antiseptic properties, and is good for combating allergies. Furthermore, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that consuming wine in moderation helps to protect the body from cardiovascular diseases.

The wines of the comarques of Lleida
, have received formal recognition through the Designation of Origin Costers dels Segre. These wines are recognised for both their enological and heath-giving properties. It is possible to discover how the grapes are grown and the wines are made by following the Wine Route, an itinerary that takes visitors to the different vineyards and wineries of the province. And do not forget to taste the wines with your meals when you visit the Lands of Lleida.