The birdwatchers who come from all over Europe and the world to our latitudes, attracted by our birds, are seeking, logically, those birds absent from, or very rare in, their countries. Fortunately, these are often among our most common and characteristic birds, inhabitants of the Mediterranean region like ourselves. At other times, however, they are looking for more unusual birds, with a limited range, or very specific biological requirements or habitats, which means that finding them can be more or less complicated, even here. Bearing in mind these variations and expectations which impel the birdwatcher to travel to our region, we have chosen fifty species.

Of these fifty birds, within Catalonia (Spain), some have all or part of their population in the province of Lleida; a large area which spans from the Pyrenees in the north to Aiguabarreig (river confluence) of the Ebro, the Cinca and the Segre in the south, passing through the best and most extensive arid areas in our region. That is why the province of Lleida is an exceptional area for ornithological tourism or birding.

To facilitate the programming of visits and ornithological routes in the province of Lleida the accommodation and complementary services offer rhas been incorporated into the web, in particular compiling – for the first time on the web – the whole range of birdwatching guide services operating in our region.

Finally, all the information presented here can be consulted and extended at the Lleida province birdwatching tourism office.

Information on the birds

For each species we have created a file containing the basic information presented in a simple and visual way for finding out more and localizing it. As well as the photograph and the song, codes have been added to indicate the habitat where the species is most commonly found, and the approximate degree of difficulty associated with finding it (low, average or high). A brief description of its status is also given and, if necessary, advice for finding it. Finally a map is added showing a selection of the best areas for observing it in the breeding period.

In some cases it is better to find the species in the winter or in areas bordering the province of Lleida; then the map appears blank and the appropriate suggestions are given in the text. Foreseeably, (and more so in the case of birds due to their mobility) the status, distribution and the populations described here will vary in some cases, and that is why we will be very grateful to receive your contributions.


HighMedium Low
Main Status:

Summer visitor


Winter visitor

Main Habitat:

Wood land

Steppe species

Scrubland species

Acquatic species
Rock-loving species


Fields and cultivated lands


Arising from an initiative of the Patronat of Tourism of the Diputació de Lleida, the contents and the development of this pioneer project in our country have been entrusted to the Lleida province birdwatching tourism office, ICO and SEO/BirdLife. Special thanks go to the ornithologists Carles Santana and Javier Gràcia Gans with the collaboration of the Departament del Medi Ambient (Environmental Department) of the Diputació de Lleida. The photographs are the work of Jordi Bas, Guillem Chacón, Mariano Fernández, Rufino Fernández, Aurora Fontoba, Toni Pena, Carles Santana, Fernando Guerrero, Carlos M. Martín and Damià Chacón. The sound recordings are reproduced with permission of Eloïsa Matheu