Accessible tourism, tourism for everyone!

The main objective of ASPID (Associació de Paraplègics i Discapacitats Físics de Lleida - Association of Paraplegics and the Physically Disabled of Lleida) is to promote the participation of physically disabled people in normal, day to day life. Issues relating to tourism and accessibility are of enormous importance for the 9% (3.5 million people) of the Spanish population who are disabled.
The comarques (local districts) of Lleida are an important tourist destination. Their historic patrimony, cultural and artistic wealth, areas of outstanding scenic and natural beauty and, above all, the variety, interest and attraction of the lifestyles and behaviour of their citizens attract tourists from all over Spain and Europe, year after year.
Tourism is a social product of the first magnitude and one that must be available to the whole of society. No sector of the population should be excluded from it, whatever their personal, social, economic, or other circumstances. An all inclusive leisure environment is on e in which everyone can participate and socialise. Promoting equality of opportunity and participation are Lands of Lleida wish to develop as part of their leisure management projects. For all of these reasons and more that I would like to encourage you to come and experience the comarques of Lleida.
Enjoy them to the full and without complexes, as we continue to work towards making these lands even more accessible to everyone. Enjoy tourism in the Lands of Lleida!

Josep Giralt i Lladanosa
President of ASPID