The roman city

From the results obtained from the numerous archaeological interventions that have been carried out in Lleida, it has been possible to establish the area of the original city of Ilerda. The city was basically organised towards the north-east of the central area and excluded the narrow strip of land that lies beyond the present-day Plaça Paeria (Paeria Square), between the central hill and the river Segre. The sandy ground under the present Magdalena quarter provided the only wide and relatively flat surface on which to plan a relatively regular urban layout and construct the city’s main public buildings.

The lay out of Ilerda was very irregular, as it had to adapt to the topographic conditions of its site. The city was divided into two very well-differentiated parts; the hill and the lower part of the city. Altogether the city occupied a total area of some 23 hectares. Ilerda was by no means a small city if we consider that its more important contemporaries such as Caesaragusta i Tarraco occupied no more than 30 hectares.

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