Mur castle

The Mur castle is located in the region of El Pallars Jussà (Lleida -Spain), 3,5 km.from Guàrdia de Noguera, 14 km from Tremp, capital of the region, 46 km from Artesa de Segre and 78 km from Lleida.

Impressive fortified town strategically situated on a summit dominating the Tremp basin and the Terradets reservoir from which you can enjoy the wonderful views of the landscape.

The Mur castle (El Pallars Jussà – Spain), its two beautiful towers - one of which is the homage tower - together with its arms patio and its shelters for the soldier and horses and the others rooms that compound it , constitutes a feudal castle prototype, which suggests a boat with its shape.Besides the castle, inside the ancient walled area stand the Collegiate and the Santa Maria de Mur church, both of them being of roman style.

The Mur castle (El Pallars Jussà – Spain), in the Heart of the Montsec sierra, is the best situated regarding the heavenly landscape which surrounds it. Among all the castles we can visit in the area, we feel as if we were touching the sky with our hands when we enter the Mur Castle.

Guided Visits

The first documents relative to the Mur castle dates back to the year 969. In 1053, it became a strategic place as regards the reconquest, toward the south, of the lands under Moslem domination, conducted by Arnau Mir de Tost , feudatory of the castle.

When Arnau Mir de Tost died in 1071, he left the castle to his daughter, wife of Count Ramon V who had the castle free of taxes and services to the King.In 1069, the counts of Pallars, Ramón V and Valença built, behind the walled enclosure, the Santa Maria church: his son , the Count Pedro Ramon, established Augustinian canonical rules that the Pope put under direct dependence of the apostolic seat : the superior of the canonry was called the "preposit o paborde" who had temporal power - civil and criminal - over the people of the territory, called "pabordat".

In 1592, the canonry was converted into the Colegiata and into parish church.In 1920 , Mur was declared Historic Monument of National Interest.For curious visitors: The systems of collecting and use of the water, the cloister capitals, the tomb of the Count who founded it...

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