The Bunker Park of Martinet i Montellà

The Pyrenean Line

In the 1940s, an imposing line of fortifications, including almost 10,000 bunkers, was constructed in the Pyrenees; it stretched from Cap de Creus, on the Mediterranean coast, to the Basque Country.

La Cerdanya, which was considered a strategic location, houses a great number of these bunkers. Their mission was to block any possible incursions along the main route through the Pyrenees.

External circuit

The Parc dels Búnquers (Bunker Park) offers visitors the chance to visit a total of eight bunkers of different types, including: combat points, artillery points, machinegun nests and underground galleries. This external route follows a sign-posted itinerary with guides for the first section.The visit is completed with the centre for visitors. This innovative display provides the key to understanding the context of the time and the world in which the bunkers were created, reliving a series of historical events and invoking the sense of anguish and uncertainty of that period.


More information Parc dels búnquers de Martinet i Montellà
Carretera LV-4055 de Martinet a Montellà
Paratge de Cabiscol, s/n
25724 Montellà i Martinet
Tel. 648 14 10 70

Information provided: Democratic Memorial - Generalitat de Catalunya

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