Monastery of Vallbona de les Monges

Vallbona de les Monges (Urgell – Spain) is the home of a community of nuns who combine their work and prayer with guided visits and traditional crafts. The history of the monastery dates back to the year 1153 when the hermit Ramon de Vallbona gathered together a mixed sex community of hermits. In 1176, when the men had left for Montsant, a group of nuns from Tulebras in Navarra, joined the community and became members of the Cistercian order.

The monastery enjoyed great prestige during the Middle Ages on account of the expanse of its properties, the subsidiary monasteries that it founded and the social status of the nuns who joined it, many of whose families were members of the nobility. Monastic life has continued virtually uninterrupted throughout its 800 year existence, with only brief breaks during times of war. The mortal remains of the queens of the Crown of Aragon: Violant of Hungary, the wife of Jaume I (the Conqueror), and her daughter, Sança of Aragon, are buried in the monastery.

Further information

Monasterio de Vallbona de les Monges
Tel. 973 330 266 
Oficina de Turismo de Vallbona de les Monges
973 330 567
Oficina Comarcal de Turismo
973 500 707

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