Lles de Cerdanya

This is the largest municipal area in the comarca (local district) of La Cerdanya (Pyrenees). The mountain shelters of Capdelrec, Els Pradells and Els Estanys de la Pera facilitate visits to neighbouring summits and also outings to points from which it is possible to enjoy some of the best panoramic views of both the comarca of La Cerdanya and Andorra.

Near a turn off from the N-260, the Senillers spa collects and supplies the waters that bubble from five natural springs. As their names suggest, these springs have different characteristics: the Païdor (the digestive), De la Muntanya (from the mountains) and Del Riu (from the river) springs are all alkaline and contain silicates; the waters of the Dels Brians are sulphurous; and those of Del Ferro (from iron) are sulphurous and ferruginous.

In winter, this municipal area is one of the main destinations in the Pyrenees for fans of Nordic skiing. There are two magnificent ski resorts at which to enjoy this sport; the resorts of Lles and Aransa, which are connected by the Camí de Pollineres. In January, the two ski resorts jointly organise the Marxa Pirineus d'esquí nòrdic (Pyrenean Nordic skiing trek), which is one of the oldest events of its type in the whole of Spain.

The settlements in this municipal area are Lles, the main village, Músser, Aranser, Travesseres, Coborriu de la Llosa and Viliella.

Information provided by: Consell Comarcal de la Cerdanya

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