Jewish Culture

The old Jewish quarter of Torà(la Segarra)is located in what is now Carrer Nou, in the very centre of the old part of the village. Access to this area is through two portals. One is located in the Plaça de l’Església and the Portal Nou provides entry from the Plaça del Pati. This area is surrounded by small squares, narrow streets and very steep alleys that help recreate the atmosphere of the medieval village.

Close by, we find the old bakery, which now houses the bread museum. The first businesses of Torà were established in its Jewish quarter We know this from the entrances to some of the houses that still maintain the specific typology of the medieval Jewish shops, with the entrance on the left and the counter on the right of the facade for serving clients from inside the shop.The lintels of many houses also serve as valuable material witnesses to the presence of the Jewish population. Some houses still bear the engraved symbol of Christ with the date and name of the owner. According to some historians, this identified Jews who had converted to Christianity.A number of wealthy families lived in the Jewish quarter of the village, including the Baron of Morrocurt, and the Mujal and Aldabó families. The donations of the latter served to set up the wheat shop or “poor people’s shop” and the village Hospital.

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Xavier Sunyer - Associació del Patrimoni Històric i Artístic de Torà.

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