The plain of Guissona,which is located in the comarca (local district) of La Segarra (Spain), in the very heart of Catalonia, forms part of a single landscape that is curiously modelled around loamy soils, country cottages and barns. The important aquifer that nourishes this land has come to be known as the Doll de la Segarra (the pitcher of La Segarra).
Our countryside is basically composed of vines, woods fields of cereals. The colours of La Segarra (Spain) change with the passing of the seasons: the golden corn of summer, the ochres of autumn, the earthy colours of winter and the greens of spring. This is a landscape that never leaves visitors indifferent.

Places of interest      

FOUNTAINS AND SINKS. These are well conserved with all of their constituent parts: tubes for filling earthenware jugs, small deposits in which to wash vegetables, the well and the sink for washing clothes.THE CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA. This neoclassical style (17th – 18th century) church was built on the site of an earlier church and was a collegiate church until the 19th century.ICE WELL. This was built in the 16th – 17th century and used to store and conserve ice.THE “OBRA DE FLUVIÀ”. The Palau Episcopal (palace) of the bishops of Urgell is an unfinished construction on which building work began in at the beginning of the 16th century. The complex consisted of the halls, kitchen, rooms, courtyard and church dedicated to Sant Jordi and Santa Llúcia, but it was only built as far as the first floor.THE “EDUARD CAMPS” MUSEUM OF GUISSONA. This museum and its permanent exhibition, which first opened in 2000, offer an excellent insight into the social life, economy and history of the Roman settlement of Iesso. The main features to highlight are the sections dedicated to the founding and urbanisation of Iesso, everyday life in the settlement and its epigraphy.THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF IESSO. In 1990, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona undertook a project that involved excavating a large area of this settlement with the aim of studying the process of Romanization of inland Catalonia and using the archaeological remains uncovered from the site as the basis for creating an archaeological park. Today the area corresponding to the archaeological park covers some 2 ha of the urban fabric of the Roman city of Iesso.


Those thinking of visit the settlement are recommended to take full advantage of their trip by discovering the two routes that are organized by the local Oficina de Turisme (Tourist Information Office):

Enjoy the calm atmosphere of a walk through the paved streets of the historic centre and discover its hidden corners and squares. Stop to admire the village fountains and the collegiate church of Santa Maria de Guissona Then, at the end of the tour, enjoy a visit to the “Eduard Camps” museum.THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL ROUTE THROUGH THE ROMAN CITY OF IESSO
Find out how people used to live over 2,000 years ago. Rediscover the past by visiting the archaeological remains of settlement of Iesso and the Museum of Guissona, where visitors can discover examples of objects related with the day-to-day lives and activities of the former inhabitants of Iesso.It is also possible to take a mountain bike and enjoy the Guissona plain and the two routes that begin at Guissona: the 9 km Roman Route and the 26.5 km Castells (castles) del Doll Route.

The Roman Market     

Guissona (La Segarra - Spain) is full of reminders of Roman times and guards the remains of the ancient city of Iesso (2nd century BCE to 7th century CE). Every year this Roman past is relived on the third Saturday of July, with the celebration of the ROMAN MARKET OF IESSO.The triumphant parade of the imperial troops announces the arrival of Caesar and Cleopatra, who formally inaugurate the Roman Market and open the different shows and spectacles.Companies of actors come to the event from different parts of the empire and re-enact typical scenes from Roman times: fights between gladiators, the selling of slaves and imperial dances are just a few of the most typical scenes portrayed.

Where to eat    

Address: Vell Pla, 15
Telephone: 973 55 03 02- CAL MINES
Address: Santa Margarita, 6
Telephone: 973 55 16 59- CAL CASSOLI
Address: Av. de Ponts, 16
Telephone: 973 55 20 67- FONDA SANTESMASSES
Address: C/ la Font, 11-13
Telephone: 973 55 00 31- L’ALTELL
Address: Av. Generalitat, 70
Telephone: 973 55 20 50
Address: C/ les Serres, 2
Telephone: 973 55 21 16- LA PLANA
Address: Plaça de la Plana
Telephone: 973 55 08 93- NARD
Address: C/ Tint, 1
Telephone: 973 55 02 26- SERRANO
Address: Av. 11 de Setembre, 10, baixos
Telephone: 973 55 04 44- ÀREA PROMOCIONAL
Address: C/ dels Llacs, 1
Telephone: 973 55 11 00

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