Geographical Indication The Torró of Agramunt

Zone of Production
The zone of production is the municipal district of Agramunt, in the administrative district of L'Urgell (Spain). Torró (a type of nut and honey nougat) has its origins in Arabic confectionery tradition. In Catalonia, this tradition has been particularly well-conserved at Agramunt, where the local torrons are of widely renowned quality.

The torró of Agramunt is made from a carefully selected mixture of almonds or hazelnuts, sugar, honey and egg whites. It is presented in the form of round or rectangular wafer sandwiches of various sizes and weights. The mass of each block of torró is a light golden-brown colour and final product has a delicate crunchy texture. The minimum percentage of almond or hazelnut content ranges from 46% to 60%, according to the category of the torró in question; extra or supreme.

The hazelnuts are toasted and peeled once they have cooled. In the case of almonds, the procedure is reversed. The honey and the sugars are cooked with fresh egg white or their equivalent in powder form. The almonds and hazelnuts are then mixed in.

The torró of Agramunt is generally sold in round or rectangular tablets of various weights, which range from 30g to over 1 kg. As well as providing information that meets the normal statutory requirements, the label on the packaging also says "Torró d'Agramunt. Indicació Geogràfica Protegida" (Nougat from Agramunt. Protected Geographical Indication) and a logotype with the geographical indication.

Quality Control
Throughout the production process, these products are subject to external controls that are carried out by an audit institution that has been officially recognised by the Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia i Pesca (Department of Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Fisheries).

Consell Regulador (Regulating Board)
C/ Àngel Guimerà, 9 baixos
25310 Agramunt
telèfon 973 391732
Fax 973 39 28 81

Torrons R. Vicens
Carretera de Tàrrega, 1
25310 Agramunt (Lleida)
Tel: 973 39 06 07

Torrons Roig SA
Obrador, botiga, oficina:
Ctra. L-303, Km. 19,100
Tel. 973 390 036
Fax. 973 390 690

Torrons Artesans Fèlix
C. Comtessa Aurembiaix, 5
Tel. 973 390 319

Torrons Lluch
Polígon Industrial
Camí Vell de Tàrrega, 17-19
Tel./Fax 973 390 030

Information provided by: 

Ministry of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya

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