D.O.P. Butter from L'Alt Urgell and La Cerdanya

Zone of Production

The zone of production of both the milk used to elaborate the butter and the butter itself is that of the administrative districts of L'Alt Urgell and La Cerdanya. Milk production began in earnest in these districts at the beginning of the 20th century but was largely a consequence of the arrival of the Phylloxera vastatrix plague. This plague attacked all of the zone's vines and destroyed the crop that had, until that time, been the mainstay of the zone's agricultural activity.


It is possible to use the following raw materials in the elaboration of butter:
Cream from pasteurised cows' milk
Mesophilic lactic ferments
It is not permitted to use any type of colourant.

Characteristics of the Product

The butter of this denomination is exclusively elaborated with milk from Frisian cows. The milk is skimmed and the cream thereby obtained is cooled to a temperature of 16ºC -18ºC. The cream is then transferred to the maturing deposits where it is sown with mixed cultures of mesophilic lactic ferments. The maturing of the cream, a process in which it develops its own special aroma, takes around 48 hours. The mature cream is then whipped until its grain size is similar to that of rice. It is then mounted until a compact block of butter is achieved. The time required for maturing the cream, the food given to the cows, and the peculiarities of the local climate, all combine to give this butter its characteristic and highly intense smell and taste. The final product is slightly bitter and has a taste reminiscent of hazelnut.


The butter is sold to the consumer in different weights and formats, but always wrapped in metallic paper and vegetable parchment. As well providing all of the details required by current legislation, the outer wrapper also carries the logotype and the words "Mantega de l'Alt Urgell and la Cerdanya. Denominació d'Origen Protegida" (Butter from L'Alt Urgell and La Cerdanya. Protected Denomination of Origin).
Throughout the production process, this product is subject to stringent external controls that are undertaken by an audit body officially recognised by the Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia i Pesca (Department of Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Fisheries).

Consell Regulador (Regulating Body)
Sant Ermengol 37
telèfon 973 35 00 25 / fax 973 35 27 05

Sant Ermengol 37
telèfon 973 35 00 25 / fax 973 35 27 05

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