Did you know that some of the best caviar in Europe is produced in the Val d'Aran?

The Val d’Aran with its nature and tradition is synonymous with quality and prestige. This provides the guarantee of a good product. A natural setting for a unique product: sturgeon and caviar from the Val d’Aran.The Val d’Aran is one of the only places in Europe where it is possible to find leisure pursuits combined with a fish farm producing caviar and sturgeon meat. It also offers a setting with exceptional surroundings that boasts the highest levels of environmental and tourist quality. There is an information point, where it is possible to find out about the sturgeon, its history, the dangers that threaten its existence (do not forget that it is an endangered species threatened with extinction) and also its gastronomy.

The sturgeon is a fish of the rivers of the Val d’Aran. There are 29 different species of sturgeon in the rivers and lakes of the world. Some species can reach up to 8 m in length and weigh as much as 800 kg and this fish can live for up to 60 years. During the second half of the 20th century the sturgeon disappeared from Spanish rivers and shores. The main reasons for this were the construction of dams and pollution. The river El Garona in the la Val d’Aran is one of the few rivers in Europe that still contains wild sturgeons.


VISITS TO THE FISH FARM (90 minutes): Description of all of the activities undertaken at the fish farm, including the breeding of sturgeons in the Val d’Aran, at an altitude of over 700m. The fish swim in pure melt-waters from the Pyrenean snow and our sturgeons grown in small pools near to the shore of the river Garona, in a totally natural setting. During the visit, it will be possible to fish for and touch different sturgeons. Visitors will also receive a basic insight into the working methods and techniques involved in the elaboration of caviar.

 The centre also offers lunches and dinners and the possibility of tasting and commenting on caviar (with all the personality of a fresh and recently extracted product and the guarantee of the exceptional quality of sturgeon’s eggs) as well as the sturgeon recipes that form part of the menu. An exquisite delicacy that used to be enjoyed in past centuries has now been recovered. Tasting a dish of sturgeon and caviar is a delightful experience for the senses and a challenge for the imagination.Furthermore, there is the possibility to enjoy the thermal waters circuit within the premises of the Centro Termal Es Termes de Les and to also take part in adventure activities.

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Centre Termal Es Termes de Les

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