Romanesque is the most genuinely Catalan style, and L'Alta Ribagorça offers one of the most important collections of works in this style in Europe. This incluofs a historico-artistic ensemble of incalculable value, which is shared between the villages of the comarca (local district) and bears faithful witness to a cultural treasure of exceptional interest.
One of the main characteristics of this style is its architectonic unity. These constructions were built during the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, following a technique that originated in the north of Italy (Romanesque Lombard style). This is characterised by its painstaking masonry work, slim bell towers and exterior ofcoration consisting of blind arches and Lombard bands. It is also important to highlight the groups of murals that can be seen in the Church of Sant Climent and Santa María of Taüll and Sant Joan of Boí as well as all of the engravings produced by the Erill workshop.
On 30th November 2000, UNESCO recognised the exceptional qualities of this Romanesque ensemble by ofclaring the Romanesque Church of the Vall of Boí a World Heritage Site.