El Solsonèsmapasolsones

El Solsonès (Spain) has a total surface area of 998 km2 and a population of over 11,000 inhabitants. It contains 15 different municipalities and it capital is Solsona. Many of its municipalities have their populations spread amongst scattered farm houses which provide beautiful examples of traditional architecture from the 16th to 18th centuries.

In the northern part of the comarca (local district), at the source of the River Cardener, it is possible to find the Relleus (highlands) dels Bastets, the Serra (mountain range) de Busa and the Port (mountain pass) del Compte and a small territory of unique beauty; the Vall (valley) de Lord. Other interesting places in the comarca include the Vall d’Ora, Sant Esteve d’Olius, the Salines (salt mines) de Cambrils, the Santuari (shrine) del Miracle and the Santuari del Pinós, which lies at the geographic centre of Catalonia. Forestry and livestock herding are two of the most important economic activities, especially in the Pre-Pyrenean (Spain) part of the comarca, while dry farming is more common on the high plateaus of the southern part of the region.

Solsona, the region’s capital, has been called the calm city, on account of the feeling of peace and tranquillity that emanates from its paved streets, portals, squares and houses, some of which were once palaces, without forgetting the area around the cathedral and, of course, the Palau Episcopal (bishop’s palace).