La Segarra

The comarca (local district) of La Segarra has a total area of 720 km2, more than 17,000 inhabitants and 21 municipalities, and its capital is Cervera. The historic importance of La Segarra is reflected in the archaeological and monumental remains that are conserved in many parts of the comarca. These include prehistoric (Sant Guim de Freixenet), Roman (Guissona), Romanesque (Cervera), Gothic (Les Pallargues), Baroque (Sant Ramon) and Art Nouveau (El Sindicat de Cervera) remains and monuments.

As far as crops are concerned, it has the cereals of the plains and the olive and almond trees of the lower mountains. Livestock rearing is also an important complement to crop farming. Much of the population of the larger settlements: Cervera, Guissona, Torà and Sant Guim de Freixenet is employed in industry.

Besides the monuments of Cervera, one of the most popular attractions for those who visit this comarca is its castles. Many of these structures began as sentry towers that were used to watch over local thoroughfares, but they later became nuclei around which centres of population grew.