La Noguera

With a total surface area of 1,733 km2, a population of over 35,000 habitants and 30 municipalities, La Noguera is one of the largest comarques (local districts) in Catalonia. Balaguer is the capital of this comarca, which could be divided into two parts: La Noguera Alta (Upper Noguera), which is dominated by mountainous relief, with the Montsec ridge as its most characteristic feature, and La Noguera Baixa (Lower Noguera), which corresponds to the plain.
La Noguera is an agricultural and industrial district. Balaguer lies at the centre of its fruit growing area, which extends across the Pla d’Urgell. Amongst the dry-land crops that predominate in and around the Montsec and in the mid-Segre area, it is possible to find olive and almond trees, vines and wheat. On the other hand, the area’s industry is essentially concentrated in Balaguer (food industry, metallurgy and paper production), Artesa (textiles) and Balaguer, Artesa and Ponts (wood).
As far as leisure activities are concerned, La Noguera is one of the most popular comarques in which to enjoy rambling, climbing and potholing. The Vall d’Àger (Àger Valley) and Montsec are also ideal places at which to enjoy hang-gliding. Cycling is another popular sport in this comarca.