The cuisine of Lleida is extremely varied. Without any doubt, fruits are between the most widely used ingredients. As the Lleida irrigated region is really diversified, dishes are very different and colourful, thus creating a very rich and varied cuisine. You can find snails a la llauna, a la brutesca, a la gormanda; homemade typical sausages; poultry meat, and other dishes. Fruits are used in main courses as well as in desserts. In Lleida you can find homemade food, made with natural products. Pork products are made in the traditional way and their quality is excellent. The most traditional ones are llonganissa (cured pork sausages) and botifarra(Catalan sausages), with or without onion. 

As far as gastronomy is concerned, El Segrià offers the traditional home cooking of a people closely connected to the land. The most important traditional dishes are olla barrejada (a type of mixed stew), escudella i la carn d'olla (a pasta soup with stewed meat) and cargols (snails) either "a la llauna" (grilled on a tray) or "a la brutesca" (cooked in sauce), served with escalivada (barbecued vegetables) and carxofes al caliu (artichokes cooked in the embers of a fire)


D.O. Costers del Segre   


Oli D.O.P 'les Garrigues'


D.O. La Pera de Lleida


Gastronomy Associations

         Federacio Provincial d'Hostaleria de Lleida
         Avda. Segre, 7
         25007 Lleida (el Segrià)
         Telèfon: 973 24 88 58 Fax: 973 18 40 40


         Escola Hoteleria i Turisme de Lleida
         Complex Caparrella, s/n
         25191 Lleida (el Segrià)
         Telèfon: 973 281180 / 973 281182 Fax: 973 282696

Fairs and exhibitions gastronomic


                     Fira de la Figa (fig).
                     Recipes for fig conserve, fig ice-cream, etc. Alguaire.
                     Held in September. Every two years.

                     Fira del Préssec de Pinyana.Pinyana (peach).
                     Gastronomy of peach products. Alfarràs.
                     Held in October. 

                     Fira de l'Oli Verd. (green olive oil).
                     Olive oil and almond tarts. Maials. Held in November.


                     Mostra Fructícola de Torrefarrera. (fruit).
                     Held on a weekend in October. Torrefarrera.
                     Held once every two years.

                     Mostra Fruitera de Corbins. (fruit).
                     Held in the month of April.