The Press and Communications Department of the Patronat de Turisme (Tourist Board) of the Diputació de Lleida has the task of publicising the latest events and tourism-related activities that take place in the comarques (local districts) of Lleida. The Patronat de Turisme also seeks to facilitate the day-to-day work of the local, regional, national and international media. With this mission in mind, this section of the web page aims to offer journalists a series of sections that should help them to do their work; it also provides a wide variety of documentation about Lleida province and what it has to offer to tourists. The Press and Communications Department also offers journalists and the media the fullest collaboration and logistical support with their work and movements within the comarques of Lleida, providing help with any type of reporting or other activity associated with the tourist sector.

In this section of the web it is possible to find a series of press releases produced and distributed by the Patronat de Turisme and also the tourism bulletin, or newsletter, which is distributed on a monthly basis. Also on the web site, it is also possible to consult reports published in the magazine produced by the Patronat de Turisme as well as several press dossiers, some of which have been produced in various different languages. There is also a photographic archive which provides just a small sample of the 9,300 photographs contained in the photographic archive of the Patronat de Turisme. All of these images are available to the media. They must be requested in advance and with the condition that they are stamped on one side with the name of their author and carry a text recognising that the image has been provided by the Patronat de Turisme. In this same section of the web site, it is also possible to see the new corporate image of the Patronat de Turisme and Lleida’s two tourism trademarks: “Ara Lleida” and “Visit Lleida”, as well as the different promotional campaigns that the Patronat de Turisme has run for the different seasons of the year. Finally, there is information about the "Pica d’Estats" Prize for Press, Radio, Television and Internet Journalism, a competition that has 8 different prize categories and total prize money of € 36,000; this is Spain’s largest prize for this type of competition.

Departament de Premsa i Comunicació del Patronat de Turisme de la Diputació de Lleida
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